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Trading Indices with Sama Today

Do you want your slice of the global market? Well, Sama Today has the tools to gain you entry into the indices market through our brilliant CFDs.

Using LIVE information, you can track changes of prices in the top equity markets worldwide. CFDs on indexes help you financially understand the value of the assets lying beneath them.

If you want to know how the economy’s fairing, then we can help you understand:

S&P 500 – The value of the Standard & Poor 500 comes from the share value of 500 leading US-based companies.

NASDAQ 100 – This represents 100 NASDAQ-traded companies.

FTSE 100 – The FTSE 100 boasts an impressive 100 of the top publicly-traded UK companies.

DJ EURO STOXX 50 – Euro Stoxx 50 collects together 50 of the largest European companies’ share value.

NIFTY 50 – This shows the National Stock Exchange of India and its 50 top trading companies.

Knowledge of all these names and so much more will become like a sixth sense to you.

Why trade indexes with us?

  • We have an astonishing 19 indexes to trade!
  • You can make 400 times the value you invest. There’s no way to not profit from this.
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