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Islamic Accounts

Islamic accounts (also known as swap-free accounts) do not imply swap or any kind of rollover interest that is not relevant to the Islamic faith. We aim to provide Islamic Accounts to our Muslim users.

How can you open Islamic Account?

It's very simple. You just need to follow three easy steps:

1. Create a trading account

2. Login to your Members area where you can validate your account

3. Request Islamic Account

We will add a swap-free status to your account as soon as we receive a request from you. The user must understand that as a company, we reserve the rights to revoke this status anytime we want (in case we suspect any form of abuse).

Features of Islamic Accounts

  • You don't have to pay any swap charges
  • There are no up-front commissions
  • We don't charge any hidden costs
  • You get access to all trading platforms
  • We offer professional customer support


Islamic accounts are completely different from the general accounts, and while other companies tend to charge extra fee for Islamic accounts, we offer this one-of-a-kind feature without charging any additional costs. As an Islamic account holder, it is not mandatory for you to pay interest. However, in case any kind of interest charge is transferred to other forms of fees, we consider it as interest and it is against the policies of our company.

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