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Trading is a journey and reaching destination is not so easy. While all those concepts related to buying and selling sound simple, the reality is much different. A profitable trade is much more than just buying low and selling high. We are here to teach you everything about variety of market conditions and trading styles.

We take you through all the factors that are responsible for trades. The best part is that we have arranged our content by difficulty level, right from freshman year and winding up with senior year graduation. These levels will provide you with great knowledge and we really hope you will learn a lot.

Freshman Year

This level is all about setting the foundation of your journey. You will get basic understanding about Foreign Exchange Market, trending currencies and other relevant concepts such as order types, margin, leverage and trading sessions.

These concepts will help you prepare for the next year which will show you some detailed information about this ever-changing industry.

Sophomore Year

You will master the secrets to navigating this forex trading world where you will notice incredible amount of information floating over the Internet. You will also start learning about the importance Economics and data announcements play in this market. You will also get basic understanding of indicators, sentiment analysis and other concepts.

Junior Year

Now in this year you will be able to apply all the concepts you learned during Freshman and Spohomore years. You will understand how to apply Candlestick analysis, vantage points, psychology etc in the real world. It will prepare you for the senior year.

Senior Year

It is the most crucial part of your journey to becoming a successful trader. We will show you how to trade in several conditions and the best way to apply fundamental concepts to your analysis. We will also place an important emphasis on risk management that will show you how to find consistent success in financial markets.

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