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Terms and Conditions


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* Registration Accounts:

The Company approve to open an accounts to the clients receiving the services from the Company. Client must write his full accurate information that the

Company asks for on its registration form.

After his Registration The client should send his:

1.   copies of a valid passport/ identity card.

2.   any payment cards used

3.   proof of address

To confirm that Client has gave us a true accurate, current and complete information

During the registration process, and that Client has not impersonated any person or entity


*When the client making a deposit he (the client) should transfer Company an authentic payment certification as a SWIFT confirmation or credit card photocopy, showing the Client's details.

*Withdrawals shall be made to the same bank account or to the same credit card  .

Withdrawals request made of the Client, and the closure of the positions in the Client's Account according to the Company's instruction .

*Funds transfers debited with exchange rates difference and credit card companies’

And bank fees, and therefore it may little vary from the initial amount that has been deposited.

Client accepts that such variations may occur and hereby affirms that Client shall not seek to object or charge back.

Please consider that we take 3 business days to process your withdrawal request.

Corresponding withdrawals will take up to 3 business days to reach your credit card or bank account.


Trading Forex is considered speculative and risky, suitable only for those  financially able to withstand losses which may equal the value of margins or deposits.

Evaluate your financial situation to appropriate for such transactions.

Trading on margin carries a high level of risk, and should not be appropriate for all investors.

High rank of leverage can work against you as well as for you.

You agree that trading foreign exchange may result in a substantial or complete loss of money and therefore should only be undertaken with risk capital .

Be aware of all charges and commissions that apply to you, because this may affect your profit .


Abusive or offensive behavior will not be tolerated . Any violation of this policy will result in a suspension of your use of the services, according to the Company ensure compliance.


Before close your Account by withdrawing the entire balance from your account the client a prior notice to you at the email

Company is entitled to stop this Agreement with a prior notice to you at the email address you have provided to the Company, and by refunding the balance of your Account

Company has reserves the right to terminate this agreement, withhold your account balance, cancel your account . if you don't stand in this agreement .

Commissions, charges and other costs :

You will pay us the commissions, spreads, charges and other costs set out on our website at WWW.SAMA.TODAY

The spread will vary according to market conditions and fluidity changes. Due to the volatile nature of these currencies, a typical spread cannot be listed on the Fees page with respect to such instruments.


The client are responsible for any Content that he submit or transmit through any of our websites.

Your responsibility as to the legality, reliability, appropriateness, originality and copyright of any such information or material .

Telephone conversations, email/chat communications with us may be recorded/maintained by us and will be accepted by You as  evidence of their content.

The following Orders may be placed with the Company, depending on the types of Client Account the Client has:

(1)   Buy

(2)   Sell 

(3)   Sell Limit, Sell Stop

(5)   Buy Limit, Buy Stop

(6)   Take Profit, Stop Loss 

(7)   Set Expiry date 

(8)   Trailing stop

(9)   Any other Orders available on the Platform from time to time.

Orders can be placed, changed or removed within the Trading Hours on the Company’s Website, as amended from the Company from time to time. 

If there is not enough volume, the orders  not executed , will not remain effective and will be cancelled.

When we at the close of business in the relevant Market all the open spot positions will  rolled over to the next business day

Orders cannot be changed or removed after placed in the market.

Margin Requirements:

Margin requirements as shall be determined by Us from time to time. because The consumer shall give and keep up the Initial Margin and/or weasel-worded Margin in such limits  .

Our company may change the Margin requirements at any time. Any requirement for Margin must be contented in such currency and within such time as may be specified by us

You acknowledge that we may require you to  enlarge the amount in your Account .

A Margin call may be based upon a ,  without limitation your overall positions with us, your account size, the number of open Transactions you have, volume trade,  market positions and your trade history.


Our company provide this privacy policy to protect your money ,the privacy of your financial and other personal information.

We are responsible for the information you provide to us that will not be transferred to non related third parties, unless with the  permit of the client or when required to do so by law. If there is wrong or any changes in information, the client responsibility to change  it on the website .

We maintain this information through computerized electronic protection very high level of security.

If you have any questions please contact us through  live chat, email or phone .

Email :

Phone : +44 111 22 55

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